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Unexpectedly Aphrodite

I like to think I’ve gotten used to Aphrodite showing up in unexpected ways. I’ve written multiple posts on this blog about how my experience of Her doesn’t usually match the lore, and doesn’t jive with the frilly, superficial way She is often portrayed in modern Paganism. I no longer assume that She will fit into any mold that we humans prescribe for Her. And yet, there are still times when She surprises me.

Aphrodite, Paganism

Connecting with Aphrodite – Creating Space for the Goddess

To form a meaningful relationship with Aphrodite (or any Deity), you need to give Her both the space and the opportunity to show up. By creating space for Her - physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually - you are essentially putting out a metaphorical “Open for Business” sign. You demonstrate to Her that She is important to you, and that you have the willingness and dedication to pursue a deeper relationship with Her.

Aphrodite, Paganism, Ritual

Self-Compassion Ritual – Pandemic Edition

Our modern society doesn’t teach us self-compassion. Quite the opposite. It teaches us self-criticism, shame, guilt, and blame. It tells us that we have to follow the rules, meet its unrealistic expectations, and practically achieve perfection before we are worthy of loving ourselves. This, quite frankly, is an utter load of crap.

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Prayers to Aphrodite: In Gratitude

O Radiant Aphrodite Far-Shining, Glorious Goddess I sing your praises With Love I come to you With arms held high In reverence And in honor You inspire the flowers to bloom And the fruit trees to blossom You give light to the chilly spring mornings And the hot summer nights You are found in the… Continue reading Prayers to Aphrodite: In Gratitude

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We Must Stand For Love.

I've said it before, and I will say it again: We must stand for Love. The chaos and hatred CANNOT continue. The events at the US Capitol today were inexcusable. We must stand together against violence and oppression. We must stand together for truth and justice. And we must stand together for Love. I am reposting this Prayer to Aphrodite. I feel like we need it right now.

Aphrodite, Paganism, Prayers to Aphrodite

Prayers to Aphrodite: For a New Year

Blessed Aphrodite Glorious, Radiant Goddess I give my thanks to you For guiding me this past year Your love has been a light Shining brightly in even the darkest of times And this past year There were many, many dark times This year has been a long one Full of pain and loss Of sadness… Continue reading Prayers to Aphrodite: For a New Year