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Prayers to Aphrodite: In Gratitude

O Radiant Aphrodite Far-Shining, Glorious Goddess I sing your praises With Love I come to you With arms held high In reverence And in honor You inspire the flowers to bloom And the fruit trees to blossom You give light to the chilly spring mornings And the hot summer nights You are found in the… Continue reading Prayers to Aphrodite: In Gratitude

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Devotions to Aphrodite: Conscious Eating

Aphrodite is not only a Goddess of Love, She is also a Goddess of Pleasure. Pleasure comes in many forms, but one everyday experience of pleasure is consuming food. Like many of our most intense pleasures, food is very primal. We need it to survive, but we are also capable of drawing immense enjoyment from it. Finding joy in cooking a meal, savoring it, and sharing it with others is one of the ways I connect with Aphrodite.