About Me

I am a Pagan. I believe nature is sacred, and that there is divine in all of us. I am a witch. I practice magick, perform rituals, and do inner work to celebrate life, support my faith, and better the world. I am a priestess of Aphrodite. I have been devoted to Her for several years, but I know She has always been with me. It is my goal to help shine Her light in the world.

I’ve been following the Pagan path for over 15 years. First as more of a pantheist, then a Wiccan, then a witch, then a more general Pagan, back to witch, and now as a devotional polytheist-witch hybrid. I have a wonderful, supportive community to which I owe much, and for which I am eternally grateful.

My relationship with Aphrodite is very intimate. I “talk” with Her daily, pray several times a day, and make offerings almost every day. She’s tackled me in meditation, showed up during sex, and inspired me to write songs and rituals that I know were not “mine.” She has transformed my worldview and opened my heart. She has given me courage to look into the dark places and to come out stronger. I celebrate Her. I dance with Her. I sing to Her. When I took my oath as a priestess, I vowed to serve Her and to share Her with the world.

Once, in grad school, I was asked what the three most out-of-the-box and interesting things about me were. I answered:

  1. I’ve peed on three active volcanoes (and one inactive one).
  2. I’m fluent in Italian.
  3. I’m a dancer.

Several years later, I still stand by these answers. I’ve travelled to some fantastic places in South America and Europe (hence the volcanoes), I lived in Italy for nine months, and I’ve been doing various types of dance (mainly modern and contemporary, but also jazz, African, hip hop, ballet, and capoeira) for over ten years. I’ve been a vegetarian for over fifteen years. I love good food. I know how to make pasta by hand. I love to go hiking, mountain biking, and backpacking.

I’m also a huge nerd. Education is very important to me. I have degrees in Environmental Science, Italian, and Biology. Helping people to form a strong connection with nature is one of my passions. I love the fusion of science and religion, and I think my background has helped me to even more deeply experience the wonders of our natural world. I am a lifelong learner, and I love to read both fiction and non-fiction.

I place an incredibly high value on my personal relationships, which is part of what led me to Aphrodite. Both my romantic relationships and my friendships are extraordinarily important to me. Setting aside time and energy for these relationships has always been one of my top priorities in life.

It is my hope, though this website and blog, to help you grow in your personal relationships, as well as your relationship with the Divine. Thank you for letting me be a part of your journey.

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