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Prayers to Aphrodite: In Gratitude

O Radiant Aphrodite
Far-Shining, Glorious Goddess
I sing your praises
With Love

I come to you
With arms held high
In reverence
And in honor

You inspire the flowers to bloom
And the fruit trees to blossom
You give light to the chilly spring mornings
And the hot summer nights

You are found in the beautiful rose
You live in the caress of a lover
You thrive in both darkness and light
You bind all things together
Great Mistress of Land, Sea, and Sky

You are known in the sacred and the profane
You are known in the purity of love
You are known in passion and romance
You are known in the ecstasy of pleasure

The desires of the heart are Yours
The stirrings of the soul are Yours
The unconquerable spirit is Yours
Both the calm and the storm are Yours

I rejoice in your presence, Goddess
I delight in your grace
I give thanks for your blessings
In all things

Hail, Bright Goddess
O Golden-Crowned Lady of Cyprus
O Blessed Aphrodite
I honor you

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