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Prayers to Aphrodite: A Song of Mourning

I call to you, Blessed Aphrodite With a tear-streaked face And a voice worn thin from sobs I weep for those who have passed on Those taken too soon by disease and illness Those struck down by violence Those lost to the battle of politics In this modern-day plague The taste of salt on my… Continue reading Prayers to Aphrodite: A Song of Mourning

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Soup for Cerridwyn – Sweet Potato and Barley

Every time I make soup for Cerridwyn, the recipe is different. I used to have a recipe that I riffed off of, swapping out ingredients and adding or subtracting things. This most recent time, I had to completely abandon all hopes of using a recipe.

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Making Soup for Cerridwyn

While my closest relationship with a divinity is with Aphrodite, I also have a close working relationship with Cerridwyn. Cerridwyn is the Welsh goddess of transformation and change. She is the keeper of the cauldron of knowledge, and she is frequently viewed as a “dark” goddess.