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Prayers to Aphrodite: A Song of Mourning

I call to you, Blessed Aphrodite
With a tear-streaked face
And a voice worn thin from sobs

I weep for those who have passed on
Those taken too soon by disease and illness
Those struck down by violence
Those lost to the battle of politics
In this modern-day plague

The taste of salt on my tongue
From tears already shed
And those yet to come
Reminds me of you

You are a goddess of many things
But of love most of all
The enduring and eternal love
That surpasses even death

Your light shines brightly
In this world and beyond
But you also reside in the radiant darkness
For you live where there is love
And love transcends all

Goddess of the Light and Dark
Of Love and Grief, Of Pleasure and Pain
Please help these souls find peace

So mote it be.

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