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Prayers to Aphrodite: For Perseverance

O Eternal Aphrodite
Far Shining Golden Goddess
Born of the sea and sky
I call to you

I invoke you, O Enduring Goddess,
You who have seen civilizations rise and fall
You who have tended the pain of the oppressed
You who refuse shame and stigma
You who defy the expectations of an unjust society
You who stand for the fiercest love
I pray to you

I have long awaited the return to normal
And it has not come.
I have long waited for the fear to fade
And yet it remains.
I have long awaited sweet respite
But I must carry on.

There is no end in sight,
Though I have hoped and prayed for one
Goddess, bless me with the perseverance
To see this through

Bless me with your unending compassion
For myself and for all beings
Bless me with your hope
And the shining promise of beautiful things to come
Bless me with your tender care
To soothe my weary soul

But most of all, Aphrodite,
Bless me with your light
So that I may shine it brightly in the world

So mote it be.

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