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An Elemental Ode to Thunder

I love thunderstorms. They are one of my absolute favorite things about summer. They are nourishing, cathartic, and magickal. They are a symphony of the elements, brought together in a dynamic crescendo. 


The ground shakes with peals of thunder
The vibration of life deep within my bones 
Singing through my marrow
Softening the hard places
My pulse quickens to match the booming noise
Thrumming in my veins
Pounding in my ears
My soul has shaken loose from my body
And is running wildly through the woods
Bare feet digging deep in the soft mud


The wind whips around me
A gentle sting against my skin
A warm eddy circling
Hair tugging against my head
Each strand tasting the delicious freedom
Of life without gravity
Noises carry through the thick air
The raucous thunder
The driving rain
The howl of long distances travelled quickly
Petrichor fills my nose
Nestled against notes of fallen leaves
And mossy logs
The damp earth rejoicing
In the cozy scent of home


A flash of light 
Rending the sky in two
The taste of ozone thick on my tongue
The yearning of electricity
Between ground and sky
Longing to be made one
The inevitable crash of joining
If just for a second
Synergy in chaos
Union in space and time
A creativity so bright
It outshines the stars


Driving rain falls in sheets
Rippling like waves
As they descend from the heavens
The ground soaks to overflowing
Small rivulets winding their way
Across the forest floor
Billions of drops pooling together
In search of a place to rest
It slows to a gentle drizzle
A quiet pitter patter on the leaves
The kind of rain that makes you want to look up
To lose yourself to the water
To let it wash away the dust
And plant you firmly in the ground

4 thoughts on “An Elemental Ode to Thunder”

  1. I love this 💕 Thunderstorms make me feel so alive. You captured the essence of the storm beautifully in each element.


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