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No Words of Wisdom

I wish I had some profound words of wisdom to share with you today, in the wake of the chaos of this week. I don’t.

Just this: Take care of yourself, take care of those you love, and do what you can.

I ate a giant bowl of ice cream for dinner on Wednesday night as Congress was filing back in to resume their session. I called my Congresspeople yesterday to implore the removal of an unfit president from office. And today I will honor Aphrodite, because it is Friday, and that is what I do.

Rituals – not big, formal rituals, but small and simple ones – have given me a sense of normalcy and comfort during the pandemic and these chaotic times. A whispered blessing over my tea. A prayer of gratitude to Aphrodite every time I see all the numbers on the clock are the same. A toast to Hermes when I drink a root beer. The scent of lavender oil in my hand soap in honor of Asclepius. Making room on my altar to Aphrodite for yet another candle.

Then there are the more mundane-sounding rituals, which are just as sacred. Cuddling with my cat. Watching new movies. Rewatching old movies. Procrastinating on doing the dishes. Listening to audiobooks. Finally doing the dishes while listening to an audiobook. Luxuriously sleeping in on a Saturday. Reading webcomics on my phone. Watching the woodpecker on the tree outside my window.

These little things remind me that life goes on. The sun will rise again tomorrow morning. The nights will get shorter and the days will get longer. And as we work together to create a more compassionate and loving world, things will get a little brighter.

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