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Ocean Cleansing Meditation with Aphrodite

I feel like we could all use an energetic reset during these troubling and uncertain times. This cleansing meditation is a version of something I spontaneously wandered into during my last deep meditation with Aphrodite. It was so powerful for me that I wanted to share it.

Think of a beach that you have a special connection to – somewhere you have been or wish to go to. If you don’t have somewhere, that’s okay. Look up some beautiful pictures online and pick one that appeals to you. Immerse yourself in it, so that you can carry this image into the meditation with you. 

You may want to set up sacred space, or cast a circle, if that is part of your practice. This meditation involves sensory immersion, and could also be considered a light trance. Take any measures you feel are appropriate for you to feel safe and comfortable. It would also be appropriate to put out offerings or light a candle, if you are so called, though these are not necessary.

For this meditation, you will want to sit or lie with your spine relatively straight. Close your eyes and relax. Take three deep breaths to bring yourself back into your body, and into the present moment.

Audio for Ocean Cleansing Meditation with Aphrodite

You feel the sand between your toes as you walk amongst the dunes. It is soft and pleasantly gives way as you walk along barefoot towards the roar of the ocean. The sea breeze lightly caresses your face, and you can taste salt in the air. You approach the final dune, pausing to center yourself, taking in a deep breath of the cool salty air. You start to climb up the dune, your feet slipping in the sand a little with each step as you make your ascent.

As you reach the crest of the sand dune, you see the beautiful blue-green expanse of ocean before you. The white foam glistens as the waves crash to shore and then gently spread out along the sand. You feel the power radiating from this place – a deep sense of calm inside the constant movement.

You descend from the dune, taking deep breaths of fresh sea air. You can even time your breaths to the rising and falling of the waves. As you walk closer to the ocean, dry soft sand gives way to firmer wet sand, and you marvel at the perfect footprints left by your bare feet. The sand feels supportive under your toes and heels, with just enough give to let your feet ground completely into the sand with each step.

As you approach the water, you pause for a moment before proceeding. You raise your hands to the sky and call to the Goddess:

O Radiant Aphrodite, Goddess of Love and Compassion, She Who Was Born on the Ocean’s Waves and Who Lives in the Hearts of All, I call to you. O Resplendent Goddess, I honor you with my offerings of love. Great Aphrodite, I have seen much in this turbulent time – fear, pain, grief, and anger. Things are not as they once were, and may never be again. I have struggled with these things, and I humbly ask for your help. O Glorious Goddess, please cleanse me of all energies which do not serve me, and in their place, foster love and joy. O Far-Shining One, please aid me in my cleansing and purification. So mote it be!

As you finish your incantation, water rushes up along the beach to meet you, drawing you towards the ocean. You step into the surf, feeling the waves brush your ankles, calves, and knees. The water is cool, but not too cold. There is a subtle glimmer to it, and you know that this is no ordinary water. You must go further, and you put one foot in front of the other, wading deeper.

You are up to your waist when a huge wave comes crashing over you, knocking you off your feet. You expect to be disoriented, but you are not. You slide along under the water, until you are completely submersed. Through some beautiful magick, you are able to breathe comfortably and open your eyes, and you do not float to the surface. You feel the gentle tug of the waves to and fro underneath the water, suspended underneath the breakers.

You see strands of water all around you, carrying the glimmering sparkle you noticed before. The shimmering water begins to form a gentle swirl. The swirl starts to get tighter and faster, circling around you, all the while getting brighter and brighter. You feel the glowing water stirring your energy, reviving stagnant places, nourishing those places that need special care, and washing away the fear, the anger, the grief, and the pain.

As the water whirls by you, you feel your heart lift and open. It begins to glow with the same light as the water, spilling out from your heart to fill every fiber in your being. You feel a warmth radiate from your heart, down your arms, down your torso and into your legs and your feet. The glow rises up to fill your chest, your throat, and calmly washes over your head. 

Suspended in this cyclone of glowing light, you feel all that is unnecessary drop away. You begin to gently turn with the shimmering funnel of water, and as your spin crescendos, you hear a melodic female voice say,

You are renewed and restored. Go forth with my blessing, child.

With Her words echoing in your ears, you feel the shimmering cyclone release you, calmly spinning you towards the shore. You walk out of the ocean, step by step, feeling the waves at your back taking all that does not serve you and drawing it out to sea.

As you reach the dry sand, you turn back, regarding the ocean with love. You raise your arms toward the sky with gratitude, thanking the Goddess for Her blessing.

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