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Prayers to Aphrodite: For a New Year

Blessed Aphrodite
Glorious, Radiant Goddess
I give my thanks to you
For guiding me this past year

Your love has been a light
Shining brightly in even the darkest of times
And this past year
There were many, many dark times

This year has been a long one
Full of pain and loss
Of sadness and grief
Of fear and anger

I am not sad to see it done.

But it has also been a year of courage
Of creativity and ingenuity
Of solidarity and compassion
Of understanding and perseverance

Despite everything, it has been a year of love, no matter the distance.
And it is this love that will see us through.

Golden-Crowned Aphrodite
Resplendent, Far-Shining Goddess
I humbly ask for your blessings
In this New Year

May 2021 be filled with love and hope
With joy and healing
With beauty and compassion

Please grant me the strength
To see the end of this pandemic
And may that end be soon

Empower me with the spirit
To stand for fierce love
To speak out against injustice
And to extend compassion to all I meet

Bless me with hope
So that, on even the longest nights,
I can shine a light for others

Please surround me with your love
With the love that knows no bounds
The love that transcends all
And touches the very soul

Fierce and Loving Aphrodite
I thank you for your blessings

So mote it be

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