Aphrodite, Paganism, Prayers to Aphrodite

Prayers to Aphrodite: For Courage

I encourage you to make this prayer your own. Ask for what you specifically need. Take out any parts that don’t resonate with you. Make it come from your heart.

You may also wish to make an offering to Aphrodite (a physical offering or an offering of action) or set up an altar to Her, though these things are not necessary. The only necessary part is that you say your prayer with love.

O Resplendent Aphrodite,

Far Shining Golden Goddess,

You who are tenderness and compassion,

You who are fury and strength,

You who walk the line

between the sacred and the profane,

Show me the way.

Bless me with courage to face my fears,

With bravery to look into the unknown,

With perseverance to overcome any trial,

With hope to dream of wonderful things,

And with love to share with all beings.

I thank you for your blessings,

O Glorious Goddess.

I honor you

This day

And all days

This night

And all nights

Blessed be

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