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A Meditation To Meet Aphrodite

This meditation (or some variation of it) was one of the first ways I connected with Aphrodite in a tangible sense – to actually speak with Her, to see Her physical form, and to go beyond impressions and feelings. It incorporates elements from both guided meditation and journeying. Before you go deeper into the journeying elements on your own, I suggest you do some research first (Recommended reading: Trance-Portation by Diana Paxson). However, this meditation is a fine place to start, even if you don’t have a background in journeying. This meditation does require experience with mental focus and clearing your mind.

Find a comfortable spot to meditate. I prefer lying down, but pick something that works for you. If you have a regular meditation practice, use your normal position. You are setting up physical and mental cues to go into a meditative state, and the more of a routine you establish, the easier it will be to find that state of consciousness in the future.

Find some items that are sacred to Aphrodite and artfully arrange them in your ritual space. You may want to anoint yourself with rose essential oil or rosewater, burn jasmine incense, hold a rose quartz crystal, or rest your head on a plush pillow. If there is background noise that might distract you, you may wish to put on some nature sounds or instrumental music fitting for the meditation – nothing too loud.

Set up a sacred space, and do some grounding and shielding. You want to be safe enough in both the physical and spiritual realms to let go and immerse yourself in the experience. Make sure you will not be disturbed. Call to Aphrodite in a way that feels powerful for you and invite Her into your space.

I like for how I enter into guided meditation to replicate the experience of my body in the physical world. For example, if I am lying down, I go into the mediation in a prone position. If I am sitting, I find myself sitting in the location I wish to meditate in. This makes it easier for me to get into the mindset and immerse myself in the experience. This meditation is written assuming you are lying down, but modify it to suit what works best for you.

Enter this meditation with a question or an intention. You will be meeting the Goddess Aphrodite. What question do you have for Her? Is your intention to form a working relationship with Her? Develop your question or intention (it is best to stick to just one per meditation), and keep it in mind as you meditate. Hold on loosely, though. As my friends like to say, you need to leave room for “woo” – for the Divine to take you somewhere you didn’t expect. You may not get your question answered, but you will get information you need to hear. Even if it is just “Enjoy your soup” (see my post Making Soup for Cerridwyn).

Once you begin the meditation, it may go in an entirely different direction than what I describe here – and that’s okay! In fact, that’s encouraged! It is part of leaving room for the Divine. It may have other plans. Follow your intuition. Now, let’s begin:

You awake slowly, feeling the warm Earth and soft grass beneath you. Even with your eyes closed, you see the brightness of the sun on a warm spring day. You stretch gently and sit up, opening your eyes.

You find yourself in a forest clearing, surrounded by bright yellow buttercups. The flowers dot the hillside in a riot of color. You take in their beauty and smile.

Rising to your feet, you feel your flowing white robe swish gently around your body. Your feet are bare, feeling the tickle of the grass as you reverently wind your way up the hill, gently brushing the flowers with each step.

It is a gentle slope, so it is not long before you reach the crest. At the top, beautifully glistening in the sunlight, is a white marble altar. It is vaguely retangular in shape, irregular but smooth, supported by two white marble pillars about two feet tall. As you approach, you see the pattern in the marble more clearly – purest white with thin cream, grey, and black veins running throughout. The altar almost seems to glow, and you feel power radiating from this place.

You sink reverently to your knees before the altar and hold your hands up in supplication to the Goddess. Closing your eyes, you start at a whisper and slowly crescendo in volume until you are almost shouting as you say:

O, Radiant Aphrodite

Goddess of Mirth and Compassion

Goddess of Love and Pleasure

Goddess of Beauty and Grace

I call to you, O Glorious Aphrodite

Please speak to me

And bless me with your presence.

Eyes still closed, you feel a palpable shift in the air. It sends tingles across your skin, almost like a shiver, while simultaneously being the most pleasurable heat imaginable. You open your eyes, and see Aphrodite in all of Her resplendent glory across the altar from you.

You see an all-encompassing warmth in Her eyes and you feel like you could stare at Her forever. Her hair cascades down her shoulders in loose curls. Her flowing white robe highlights her curves and you can see a dancer’s grace in the way She holds herself.

You hear a tinkling, almost of windchimes, in her small laugh as she greets you, “Welcome, my child. What has brought you here today?”

Her voice seems to come from all directions at once – powerful, but not overwhelming – yet you hear it in the deepest parts of your being. She is awe incarnate.

She motions for you to stand, and you do so slowly, placing your hands on the altar to help yourself up. Her presence is intoxicating, and you feel a little dizzy just looking at Her (though in the best possible way). Looking back up at Her, you tell Her why you have come.

She tilts Her head to the side slightly as She considers you. She looks you up and down, and you feel as if She is looking into your very soul. She pauses, and stretches out Her hand to you over the altar. You reach out slowly and grasp Her hand. Her touch is electric.

You hear Her speak, and it is like a symphony of light. You hear the tones of human experience between Her words – the whispers of lovers, the laughter of friends, the passionate cries of ecstasy. You stand there for a while, taking it all in…

When you have finished your conversation, She squeezes your hand and bids you to go. You know that you must, and you will take Her message with you. You thank Her for Her guidance, and squeeze Her hand in return. You find your eyelids growing heavy, and as you blink to keep them open, She vanishes into a mist of radiant golden light.

You kneel once again at the altar with your eyes closed and contemplate what Aphrodite has told you. When you are ready, you walk back down the hill, and lie down once again in the field of buttercups.

As you come out of meditation, be gentle with yourself. Take it slow. Give thanks to Aphrodite in your sacred space. Journal about what you saw and heard. Replenish your physical body with delicious healthy food and water. And most of all, take Her message with you.

If you do this meditation multiple times, you will likely experience changes in setting, dialogue, and feeling, either conscious or unconscious. Try meeting Aphrodite at night! At different phases of the moon. In a forest. In a field of different flowers. With a different type of altar. Try bringing an offering (ideally something that you have in the real world to physically offer to Her when you finish the meditation). Offer your love! Offer your joy. Offer your ecstasy.

Create a place for Aphrodite in your life – A physical place such as an altar in your home, a mental place by thinking of Her throughout the day, and a spiritual place in meditation. This will make your connection stronger and more vibrant.

Brightest Blessings!

2 thoughts on “A Meditation To Meet Aphrodite”

    1. I apologize that it has taken me so long to respond to this! I have a backlog of comments, and I haven’t been very active on my blog during the pandemic. Aphrodite has always been welcoming for me to work with other deities, both within and outside of the Greek pantheon. I know that there are some rivalries portrayed in the mythology. While mythology is wonderful, and I am so glad that we have those stories from the past, we must remember that they are just that – stories. They are an experience of the Divine filtered through a human lens, and for stories to be perpetuated, they likely needed some element of drama. For your own personal practice, I would suggest that you reach out to both of the goddesses, first individually and then together, and see what impressions you get. Bright blessings to you on your journey!


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